new exhibition

"Isle of Bute - Springlight" by John Lowrie Morrison

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11. Wild flowers at Kerryfearn Isle of Bute 20x20






3. Passing rain Straad Isle of Bute 16x30





21. A spring sunset over Arran from Scalpsie Bay Bute 24x36





9. Big tree in the moonlight Kerryfearn Bute 12x12





9. Early morning springlight up from Ettrick Bay Bute 10x16 SOLD





16. Evening gloaming on the Ettrick Road Bute 20x20 SOLD





26. Eveninglight St Colmac Isle of Bute 24x24 SOLD





8. Heading for Arran from Bute Eveninglight 12x12





30. Moonrise Kilchattan Isle of Bute 10x18





7. Moonrise on the Bruchag Road Bute 16x16 SOLD





29. Springlight over Ettrick Bay Isle of Bute 10x16





24. Spring morninglight Kerrycroy Isle of Bute 12x12 SOLD






5. Storm passing Isle of Bute 24x24





10. Sunset Kerryfearn Isle of Bute 10x18 SOLD





20. The Arran Alps from Bute 16x16


26. Evening fire Bruchag Road Bute 16x16 SOLD






6. Beached red boat St. Ninian's Point dawnlight - Bute18x32 SOLD





14. Early summerlight Isle of Bute 18x32





18. Dawnlight over St Ninians Point Isle of Bute 10x16






19. A spring sunset over Arran from Scalpsie Bay Bute (s) 10x18






13. Evening springlight over Ettrick Bay Bute 16x16





23. Fresh seas at Rhubodach 24x24 SOLD





25. Misty eveninglight over Kerryfearn Bute 24x24





1. Springlight Loch Ascog Isle of Bute 16x30 SOLD





28. Moonrise on the road to Ettrick Bay Bute 12x12





2. Red roof Ettrick Bay Isle of Bute 16x30





27. Spring morninglight over Ettrick Bay Bute 12x12 SOLD







4. Springlight St Colmac Bute 16x30







15. An evening spring gloaming Scalpsie Bay Bute 10x18 SOLD





12. A softlight near Ettrick Bay Bute 16x16